Web & Software Development Courses at Harvard Web Academy
Website creativity using the web designing tools become fully functional with the right web- programming associated with it. In fact, web development/ programming are the fuel that powers the entire functions of a fully functional website, online. Adding this right fuel in the related field is our Web training at Harvard Academy that associates varied set of Web course modules. Our PHP training programs is an attempt to train excelled students in various web programming languages, along with CMS tools like WordPress, Joomla training programs.

Our various courses in the most desirable field of web programming at Harvard web academy is designed for multiple courses such as PHP, Joomla training and WordPress training. Our course structure is well designed with the aim to impart quality learning and insights about developing perfect codes and implementing them with various other technologies and frameworks. This has helped us evolve as an esteemed platform for Web development training at Harvard Web Academy.

Adding to the course structure is an exposure to the XHTML/HTML/HTML5 conversion processes, along with trainings on various content management systems/e-commerce platforms. For a successful operation of our training course, we are running both offline and Web online training course, as well.

CoursesCourse Descriptions
Web Development
CMS( Complete Wordpress Training)
Duration : (Two Weeks)
In this Course you will Learn :
1. Wordpress Training -Basic
2. Wordpress Training - Advance
3. The A - Z of Wordpress for Building Dynamic Website
Course Fees ; N100,000 (Special Package)
Web Design And Development
Duration : (Two Weeks)
(Section One)
Coding : Html, CSS, Java Scripts, Bootstrap
(Section Two)
Web Building Engine tools : Wordpress, CMS, E-Commerce, Template Integration & Editing.
Course Fees ; N80,000
Android Software Development
Duration : (Two Weeks)
(Section One)
Utilities Apps, Android Studio, Eclipse,
(Section Two)
Language Category : Java, Pythons, C++, Rubby, XML ..
Course Fees ; N120,000
Web Development & Website Building Using Joomla (CMS)
Duration : Two Weeks
Course Contents :
1. Register a domain name and find web hosting service
2. Install and set up Joomla
3. Get familiar with Joomla basics
4. Select a template for your site
5. Install your Joomla template
6. Customize the design
7. Use Joomla modules
8. Assign modules to positions
9. Create new pages
10. Assign pages to the Joomla navigation menu
11. Add a blog section
12. Install extensions and lots more ...
NOTE : Course Material ( Complete Video Training & Class Lecturing)
Course Fees : N90,000
HTML Training Course (Basic)
Duration : (Two Weeks)
Comprehensive HTML Training ( Basic)
Course Fees : N80,000
Advanced HTML Training Course : HTML5 & CSS3
Duration : (Two Weeks)
In this advanced HTML class you will learn:
1. The context and evolution of HTML to HTML5.
2. How to understand, use, and apply modern HTML markup
3. The best ways to create and use modern HTML forms
4. Ways to incorporate HTML video and audio online
5. How the canvas element is used in HTML
6. Methods for styling HTML elements and lots more ...
Course Fees ; N80,000
CSS Training Course - (Basic)
Duration : (Two Weeks)
What you’ll learn in this CSS training course:
1. Fundamentals and anatomy of a CSS
2. Using selectors, cascading and inheritance successfully
3. Styling text with CSS
4. Inserting and controlling background images
5. Incorporating CSS to position content on an HTML page
Course Fees ; N80,000
CSS Training Course - Advanced
Duration : (Two Weeks)
What you’ll learn in this CSS training course:
1. Structuring and managing CSS efficiently
2. Applying visual formatting techniques to your HTML pages
3.Using background colors and images with their CSS properties
4. Styling links, lists, forms and tables effectively
5. Incorporating advanced CSS to control page layout and lots more ...
Course Fees ; N80,000
JavaScript Training Class
Duration : (Two Weeks)
Learn JavaScript essentials in this introductory JavaScript training class.
1. Discover how to use JavaScript and jQuery for common practical situations.
2. Add interactivity to HTML pages, add rollovers, validate forms, create redirects, and more.
Course Fees ; N80,000
Responsive Web Design Course
Duration : (Two Weeks)
In this responsive web design course you’ll learn how to
1. Improve your web designs so that they respond to various screen sizes, devices and form factors,
2. Providing the best possible user experience.
Course Fees ; N80,000
Web Development Skills
Duration : (Two Weeks)
In this course, you will learn :
1.The basics of PHP and MySQL to enhance your website by storing and using customer data, and generating dynamic page content.
Course Fees ; N100,000
Front -End Development
Duration : (Two Weeks)
In this Course you will Learn :
HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, AJAX, Media Queries, Bootstrap, AngularJS, React, Riot.js, Node.js, WebSockets, Building a message app. e.t.c.
Course Fees ; N100,000
Back -End Development
Duration : (One Month)
In this Course you will Learn :
PHP. asp, Python, e.t.c
Training Venue : Training Center, Home, Offices & Customize training.
Course Fees ( Varies & Negotiable on request)
Web Hosting Server Management
Duration : (One Week)
In this Course you will Learn :
1. The A-Z of Hosting Processes
2. Hosting Server Management
3. Complete Cpanel Database Management
5. Web Hosting Marketing Management and Techniques.
Course Fees ; N50,000

Attend introductory to advanced Web Design Classes in our training centers, offline, or at your office. We have been teaching Web Design classes for more than Ten years and can help you to achieve professional results faster and more efficiently.

About Our Courses


Web development trails through the list of much needed essential elements to support the online world of any of the business operations. In fact, various web development frameworks are much needed to move ahead in the search engines list, create the master piece website to reach the maximum audience in the process of media advertising and branding.

Harvard Web Academy’s Web classes  own a fully equipped and technically designed course, well structured for maximum exposure in the related field and industry. Our concise course structure is class apart from the other PHP training , for a real-time concept clearance methodology using various methods and website optimizing tools. Well decorated with some of the finest course training packages, we amalgamate the most updated frameworks and methodology patterns for an impact outcome that matches with the current industry standards

Our Joomla training course is truly an imperative way to create online training in the most strategic manner in the field of most updated technology trend of Joomla. Taking a real time initiative in the field of WordPress technology, we are among the top ranked WordPress training Institute. Our course structure works through real time exposure oriented case study methodologies for training the students on the best technology updates, in the field of web designing. This is how we create robust web developers as independent professionals, and/or train already working developers to acquire expert level learning.

Who can learn ?

Our excellent set of Web Development course aims at tutoring and nurturing students into professional web developers to create a powerful web development code that goes well with website needs.

This course is meant for:

  • Students looking to establish a career in the field of Web Development.
  • New and already existing web developers who work in the various related field of web development.
  • Professionals and students willing to take their creativity and robust code compilations on a global level.

Why Harvard Web Institute for Web Development Course?

  • Well equipped class rooms with the state of the art facilitation
  • Professionally qualified and highly skilled and well experienced faculties on board, with hands on experience
  • Live projects handling with practical classes for effective real time challenges handling
  • Practice on websites with different requirements
  • Updated and latest industry trend based technical learning process
  • Periodic Personality Development/ skills evaluation/ and enhancement sessions by instructors/ counselors
  • Real-time career oriented training
  • Flexible timings
  • Well established infrastructure
  • Regular interval Tests
  • Mock interview tests
  • Special counseling on interview performance

Adding the true insight to your web development learning process, Harvard web academy has been constantly working all through this process of imparting knowledge. Taking leadership among the other Web training institutes , it has evolved as all round trainer with a significant web developer course curriculum.

Conducting practical classes on live projects, we work with a real time initiative to familiarize and train our students towards the real challenges occurring in the software industry and how to overcome them to build their career prospects, post course completion with us!