Welcome to Harvard Group of Companies, the top Search Engine Optimization / SEO Company in Lagos – Nigeria. We offers affordable SEO service all over the world. Our SEO firm in Nigeria have a team of experienced SEO Expert coordinator who gives you the best SEO results at the earliest. Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is very significant in improving your Website potentially.

How does Search Engine Optimization (SEO) promote your Website in the World?

Harvard Group of Companies  is the SEO Company in Nigeria which real cares for you business and helps you to promote and expand it online. The main purpose of Search Engine Optimization is to achieve top ranking in search engine result page / SERP which results in much more traffic to your Website than ever.

To get top ranking in some major search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN, first we analyze your Website’s HTML coding, relevant keyword, major headings, internal links, backlinks and many more. Then we will suggest you if any changes required in your Website and after your approval we implement the changes and then start the Search Engine Optimization in any other certain Local Targeting area of your business. Targeting any certain Local area helps if your business’s scope is limited to that area only otherwise we suggest Worldwide SEO Service.

This is a long and tedious process but our Years of experience helps us in overcoming all the barriers and giving you a long term TOP RANKING on all the top search engines.

Reasons of getting SEO service with Us.

  • Every country have different culture and people uses different terms to search for a certain product or service. As we are Nigeria based SEO company, we understand Nigeria people and hence use the strategy that works in Nigeria.
  • It will give you place on the first page in SERP, which means increase in traffic.
  • Unlike other marketing methods Search Engine Optimization gets you real customers who are searching for your service.