Harvard Group’s Goals & Objectives
  1. To be the number #1 provider of IT services in Nigeria , Africa and beyond.
  2. Treat all our partners (customers, suppliers, and employees) like we want to be treated, with respect and dignity.
  3. Remain flexible and adaptable at all times, accepting change as inevitable.
  4. Providing our customers with highly visible web pages and recognizable brands at reasonable rates.
  5. Maintaining profitability without sacrificing our reputation and relationships.
  6. Ensure that our products and services are delivered as promised.
  7. Commitment to continuous improvement in order to maintain customer service, quality of our products and self improvement.
  8. Using all technology available to us to provide low cost solutions, better service, and faster response times.
  9. Embrace growth by establishing targets and achieving them
  10. Provide customers with a stable in-house web hosting service that allows for high speed web navigation and 99.99% up-time.
  11. To help firms and Organizations achieve maximum Tax-efficiency in the short and long-term by providing a range of tax services and advice.
  12. To stand out as the Best car tracking company in Nigeria with dedicated real-time tracking server.
  13. Efficient Facilities Management: Ensure the effective operation, maintenance, and management of physical facilities, including buildings, equipment, and infrastructure, to support the organization’s core functions.
  14. Cost Optimization: Streamline facility operations and IT services to minimize costs while maintaining service quality and meeting organizational needs.
  15. Service Quality: Provide high-quality and reliable IT services and facilities management support to enhance productivity and user satisfaction within the organization.
  16. Technology Enablement: Stay updated with the latest technology trends and leverage innovative solutions to improve operational efficiency, automate processes, and enhance service delivery.
  17. Business Continuity: Establish robust backup and disaster recovery strategies to ensure continuity of critical IT services and minimize disruptions in facility operations.
  18. Security and Compliance: Implement comprehensive security measures and adhere to relevant regulations to protect data, information systems, and physical assets against unauthorized access, breaches, and compliance violations.
  19. Collaboration and Communication: Foster effective collaboration and communication between facilities management and IT teams, as well as with other departments, to ensure alignment and coordination in achieving organizational goals.
  20. Sustainability and Energy Efficiency: Promote environmentally friendly practices, energy efficiency, and sustainable initiatives in facility management operations, such as optimizing energy consumption, waste management, and green building practices.
  21. Continuous Improvement: Regularly assess and enhance processes, technologies, and service offerings to optimize performance, identify areas for improvement, and deliver ongoing value to the organization.
  22. Customer Focus: Maintain a customer-centric approach by understanding and addressing the unique needs and preferences of internal stakeholders, departments, and end-users to provide tailored and effective facilities management and IT services.