Instructions :  You are required to attend all the questions. Carefully read through and select the appropriate answers in section A and thoughtfully answer all questions in both sections B & C.

Section A Carry   5  Marks Each (50 Marks)

Section B Carry   30  Marks ,

Section C Carry   20  Marks.

TOTAL SCORES  : (100 Marks)


  1. Moshood Abiola was assassinated on ………. (A) 10  Oct, 1999 (B)  5  June, 1999 (C) 7 July 1998 (D) 12 April, 1998
  2. Sanni Abacha seized Power on ………….  in the last successful coup de-tat in the military history on Nigeria. (A) 17 Nov 1993 (B) 15 Dec 1995 (C) 10 Nov 1993 (D) 23 Oct 1994
  3. Who was the first Man to buy a car in Nigeria ? (A) Sir Herbert Macaulay (B) Olufunmilayo Ransime Kuti (C) Madam Efunroye Tinubu (D) Fela Anikulapo
  4. Which day did coronavirus enter Nigeria ?  (A) 27th Feb 2020 (B) 12th Feb 2020 (C) 5th Feb 2020 (D) 18th Feb 2020
  5. A man used 2hours to cook 30 eggs. How many hours will he use to cook 55 eggs. (A) 2 hours (B) 2 hours 40 minutes (C) 2 hours 50 minutes (D) 2 hours 55 minutes
  6. It takes 20 Men 60 days to complete a building work. How many days longer would it takes 15 Men assuming that they all work at the same rate ? (A) 7 days (B) 20 days (C) 125 days (D) 2 days (E) 100 days.
  7. A car was bought in 1998 for N850,000 and its value depreciated at the rate of 15% per annum. What would be the value of the car in 2002 ? (A) N620,420 (B) 504,180.20 (C) 600,410.80 (D) 468,700.36 (E) 443,705.31
  8. A friend thought of two numbers, one of which is 8 greater than the other. When he trembled the smaller number, it was 4 larger than the greater number. What are the two numbers my friend thought of ? (A) 6,14 (B) 5,10 (C) 9,12 (D) 2,7 (E) 16,9
  9. In a certain school, out of 40 students in a class, 25 are boys. The ratio of boys to girls in the whole school and in this class are the same. How many girls are in the school if there are 400 boys ? (A) 320 girls (B) 240 girls  (C) 180 girls (D) 280 girls (E) 300 girls.
  10. Each of the eight boys in a class brought a rope all the same length. The length of the rope when placed edge to edge is 1.44m . How long is each rope ? (A) 0.23m (B) 0.33m (C) 0.18m D() 0.43m (E) 1.33m


You are privilege to be the Personnel Manager in an organization. Under your control , you have 20 Staff altogether. Three of your staff must be promoted by you for them to assume higher Post &  responsibility with attached benefits.

(A.) What will you be looking for in the company staff that will propel you to recommend any three of the staff for promotion ? You are required to explain in details with reasons in not more that two paragraphs. (15 Marks)

(B). One of your company Subsidiaries has just started and you are to recruit staffs to commence the Operation. 10 People applied for the available Job positions but the company needs only 5 personnel. Which of these factors will you consider as criteria for selecting the most appropriate personnel and why ?

1. Character

2. Competence

3. Money (Salary)

4. Reliability

5. Integrity

Explain how each of the factors above will influence your decision making in your Recruitment & Selection Process   (2 Marks each)




  1. How will you use power or authority to get what you want done in an Organization ?
  2. What  management style will  you adopt if you are employed  ?
  3. In your experience what is the key to developing a good team ?
  4. How will you deal with an employee who needs to be disciplined ? Explain your strategies ?
  5. How will you deal with Politics in a work place ?

NOTE : Each question carry 4 marks